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My best friend, Shfanfi.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 26th 2014, I learned that my best friend in the world had passed away. This is what I would say to him, if I could:

To my dearest Shfanfi,

You were the most precious soul I have ever had the pleasure and honor of calling a friend. Thank you so much for letting me into your world for these past nine years; for trusting me completely and for being the truest friend I have ever known. I have never known so deep or profound a connection with another living soul as I have known with you.

You were the one who showed me my purpose in life: to fight for the rights of all animals. I would not be where I am today had you never come into my life. I am forever in your debt and you are forever in my heart.

I’m no poet and I know this simple poem is far from perfect, but it’s from my heart and I wrote it in your memory.

Epitaph to My Best Friend, A Rabbit
From the moment I met you, we shared a bond,
a bond I can’t explain.
And through the years you were the one,
who helped me through my pain.
In my arms you slept soundly,
and never left my side.
And when I’d cry you’d lick my tears,
until my tears were dried.

I’ve never known another soul,
with whom I’ve shared so much.
And what I’d give, what I’d sacrifice,
for just one more touch.
Now you’re gone but I’ll always remember,
your loyal amity.
My only hope is that I gave you,
all you gave to me.

Goodnight, my perfect little prince. You live on in my memories.

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  • Sweet boy! I’m so sorry, how sad. I believe with all my heart we will be reunited one day with our beloved animal family. What a good life you two shared.

  • I’m so sorry about Shfanfi. I know he brought you a lot of love and happiness. Remember the book I gave you, “Lifetimes,” so you can remember that from the smallest to the biggest our lifetimes are the same, short or long. He lived a happy life with you. Many bunnies don’t have that luxury. I’m sending my hugs to you. So sorry for your loss honey. Mom xxxooo

    • Thank you, mom. You knew Shfanfi for a long time so you know how close we were to each other. I remember that book and thinking about it is comforting. Everything dies from the smallest ant to the biggest elephant. I feel so fortunate to have been able to make such an amazing friend and that our paths should cross for even a relatively brief moment in time and space.

  • It is often really hard to appreciate how profoundly and significantly a bunny can capture our heart…until they go away and we’re faced with the immense void their leaving brings. My condolences to you and RIP Shfanfi. I’m sorry.

    • Everyone who met him said he was the best rabbit ever. I shared this post on Facebook and the same day I got calls from old friends of mine who had met him saying he was such a cool, fun, friendly rabbit. He was almost like a little lap dog, minus the barking. Definitely have a big hole in my heart right now. Thank you for your kind words. <3

  • I am sorry to hear on your loss. Rabbits can claim heart just as much dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horse, beta fish, hawk, mice, hamsters, and garden snakes (although my mother would digress that one). And yes I also was owned by a rabbit (well surrogate aunt as Koko was more of my sister’s). Still it always best to think of them as the way they made you laugh and loved you. My sister and I still laugh on how a dwarf rabbit would almost trip us in the kitchen waiting for a carrot and would almost fall over trying to stand up and grab one. May he always give you good memories.

    • Thank you for reminding me to think about his life, not his death. I keep focusing on how afraid he must have been in his last moments, with me so far away, wondering where I was (whenever he used to get scared he would come to me so I could hold him and comfort him). It’s hard not to think about that, but you’re right, I need to focus on his life and the happy memories we had together. That’s how he would want to be remembered. 🙂

  • Greetings:

    I just stumbled upon your blog (via the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary), and read about your dear, departed Shfanfi. (Am I correct in that his name translates from either the Hebrew or Arabic as “Bunny”?)

    First, as a devoted bunny “slave” of long-standing, may I offer you my condolences.

    Second, a suggestion (if you’ll permit me): If your resources of time, money, etc., permit – and when you’ve had sufficient time to grieve and heal – I highly recommend going to your nearest House Rabbit Society chapter (or, if none is close by, a rabbit rescue or animal shelter) to adopt another little long-eared monster. 😉

    We have had house bunnies now for about 15+ years (!), and although the pain of losing one is nearly indescribable (we had one beloved bunny girl who – I always said – we held together with the proverbial chewing gum and baling wire, as she lived with the health complications of having e-cunniculi), I believe in the truism that one bun’s passing provides a place in your heart for loving another one.

    I wish you peace and healing, and hold to the wonderful story of the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Thank you for this. Bunny died two weeks ago on Friday, aged 9 and a half. This has perfectly captured my experience with Bunny, and it has helped to hear someone felt the same towards their rabbit. So sorry for your loss, I am finding the hole left very painful. I have 5 others, 2 are paired, but Bunny’s girlfriend is now getting lonely so beginning a bonding process, but I feel sad seeing her sitting alone. Thank you for your poem

  • I just found your site. I have read your epitaph to your beloved friend. It moved me to write this little long-winded comment. I too lost my friend of thirteen years in January of this year. He was the most stubborn, pompous, self-entitled little cat I have ever known. He would destroy my books, plants, teacups, whatever he could get his paws on if he thought he was being neglected. when I gave attention to my other four-legged friends. He expected to be fed directly in front of him…not a little to the left or a little to the right. He complained when I stayed away too long, he scolded me when I stayed away for the night. He demanded the black olives from my pizza. He expected me to jump out of bed when he poked me….even if it was the middle of the night. If he wanted me to himself, pity help the others in the house. If someone came into my house he would become VERY annoyed if he was ignored, and did not receive his own special greeting. He demanded attention, and expected it. He was moody, did not like to be picked up, and did not appreciate being petted. Unless it was his idea. When he came and sat on my lap……..I though I won the lottery. When he chose to cuddle in bed……I felt like the most loved person in the world. He allowed me to kiss his head. He ALLOWED me. He loved it when I told him how beautiful his whiskers were. He knew what I was saying. He made me laugh, made me mad, made he frustrated. And, finally, he made me cry. It has been 258 days since I last saw his precious eyes looking at me. The hole in my heart will never be filled. He was my friend. My dear precious boy. My King. My Louie. I have made your page my homepage. I too am Vegan, I will enjoy reading up on your Vegan adventures. Thank you.

  • I just recently found your website. Thank you for this dedication to your sweet, precious Bunny, Shfanfi. I also share a bond with my special Bearded Dragon, Lil Fella. He is a rescue and I love him more than anything! It’s so amazing to know how these Angels come into our lives with purpose and nothing more than Love for us!!!! Thanks again!!!

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