List of FAKE “Cruelty-Free” Brands

Tired of being lied to by supposedly “cruelty-free” brands? This is a list of fake cruelty-free brands that claim to be, are frequently listed as, or are often assumed to be “cruelty-free,” but actually are NOT (and some fake vegan brands too).

About This List

A FAKE “cruelty-free” brand qualifies as one or more of the following:

How to use this list

THE BRANDS ON THIS LIST SHOULD BE AVOIDED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE because the money they receive will still fund cruelty to animals in some form or another.

For a list of companies you should NEVER buy from, see my List of Companies That Test On Animals.

For a list of SAFE companies to buy from, see my List of Cruelty-Free & Vegan Companies.


NV = not a 100% vegan brand

T = parent company tests on animals

C = sells products in mainland China

L = caught lying or being misleading about being vegan

NLB = not Leaping Bunny certified


Ancient Egyptian Bath And Body ElixirsNV
Bili BeautyNV
Bite BeautyNVT
Bobbi BrownNVTNLB
Bulldog SkincareT
Bumble and BumbleNVTNLB
Burt’s BeesNVT
Cate McNabb CosmeticsNV
Coastal Classic CreationsNV
Color NoirNV
Common GoodNVL
defy & InspireT
Dr. Mercola Healthy SkinT
Earth’s BeautyNV
Elevé CosmeticsNVL
Espionage CosmeticsNV
Estée LauderNVTNLB
Gabriel CosmeticsNV
Hello BelloNVL
hello productsT
Ingredients MatterNVL
Kino Hawaiian SkincareNVL
Lime CrimeT
Little TwigNVL
Liz EarleNVT
Michael KorsNVTNLB
Molton BrownNVT
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean DayT
Nature’s BrandsNVL
One Two CosmeticsNVL
Rodin Olio LussoNVTNLB
SAINT CosmeticsNVL
Schmidt’s DeodorantT
Seventh GenerationT
Skin Essence OrganicsNVL
Tom Ford BeautyNVTNLB
Tommy HilfigerNVTNLB
Tory BurchNVTNLB
TruSelf OrganicsNVL
The Unscented CompanyNVL

More Ways to Make a Difference

Here are some more ways to maximize your impact and be ethically consistent:

Go Meat-Free

Go Dairy-Free

Go Egg-Free


  • Hank and Henry beauty should be added to this list. They are vegan. And cruelty free❤️

    • Hey Sheryl,

      I think you might be meaning they should be included in my cruelty-free & vegan list? Because this list is for fake cruelty-free companies. (The way you worded your comment makes me think you don’t mean for them to be on this list, but if you believe they should be, I’ll definitely look into that because they’re claiming to be cruelty-free.)

      But yeah, Hank & Henry looks good BUT they’re not Leaping Bunny certified, which is a qualification of making my cruelty-free and vegan list. Certification from Leaping Bunny is important because it’s the only cruelty-free program that’s evidence-based: they actually surprise audit companies to make sure they’re actually 100% cruelty-free (and not just saying so).

      I have a detailed explanation for why this is important here.

  • I noticed The Body Shop is not on your ‘cruelty-free’ list nor your ‘fake cruelty-free’ list. According to its website, it’s Leaping Bunny approved. What’s your opinion of this company?

    • The Body Shop is currently owned by Natura & Co., which appears to not test on animals. Unfortunately, they are not a 100% vegan brand and thus, didn’t make the cut to be on my cruelty-free & vegan list.

      I strongly suggest supporting companies that are both cruelty-free AND vegan, due to the inherent cruelty involved in the meat, dairy, egg, wool, etc. industries.

      You can find my cruelty-free & vegan company list here.

  • Shop lady att BodyShop told me their parent company does not test on animals (before it was Lacome, I think, when I stopped using BodyShop products) – wonder then, why BodyShop is not on your list.

    • The Body Shop is owned by Natura now (they were previously owned by L’Oreal). Unfortunately, they still sell products that are not vegan and thus, cannot be included in my list of cruelty-free and vegan companies.

  • Could I please ask what your opinion on Simple products is, bought in the UK.
    I’ve been buying them for years as was under the impression they were vegan but looked at the bottle and they state ‘non animal derived’ 🙁

  • Hi, I wasn’t sure how else to contact you, but I’ve noticed something that’s made me suspicious. There seems to be a new type of “cheese flavor” that some brands are using, which claims to be vegan, but which actually tastes like dairy cheese. I noticed that I sometimes get joint pain after eating these products, which only happens when I consume dairy products (casein intolerance). I wonder if there’s any way to research this new cheese flavor and find out what it’s actually made from.

    Hippeas Vegan Cheddar Flavor (contains lactic acid and “natural flavor”, but does not specify the origin)
    Modern Table Vegan Mac (also contains natural flavors and lactic acid powder with no source specified)

    I thought maybe the food industry has found some devious new way of creating a dairy derivative that contains so little allergens that they can use it in “dairy-free” foods without getting sued.

    In any case, thanks for your hard work and research!

    • That’s very interesting! I had no idea this was a potential problem. I personally am not familiar with what you’re describing but hopefully someone in the comments can shed some light on this for us? Sorry you’re going through that 🙁

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