2023 Greenger G3 First Look [Electric Fast Facts]

2023 Greenger G3 First Look: Price

Expanding on the success of the Greenger-developed Honda CRF-E2 electric off-road mini that we tested last year, the Ontario, Calif., company brings us the 2023 Greenger G3. The G3 is larger and much faster than the CRF-E2, and with a weight limit of 300 pounds, it is ready to accommodate adults in backyard motocross antics. Sure, Greenger calls it a “pitbike,” but its near-silent running expands its horizons considerably.

2023 Greenger G3 First Look: MSRP

With a seat height of 26.7 inches, it’s short enough for youngsters, yet an adult can still shoehorn onto it. The fork offers 4.7 inches of travel with 6.1 inches in the rear. Kenda takes care of the tires with its Millville knobby—a 60/100 x 14 up front and an 80/100 x 12 in the rear. Disc brakes are attached to the hubs—220mm for the front and 190mm out back.

The six-kilowatt motor gives the 2023 Greenger G3 some serious performance. Top speed is 50 mph in Stage 3 mode. If you or your rider isn’t ready for that, Stage 2 limits the speed to 32 mph and Stage 3 restricts the G3 to 18 mph.

2023 Greenger G3 First Look: For Sale

With more power comes less runtime from the 35 amp-hour 72-volt LG battery. Under what Greenger calls “ideal conditions,” the G3 will run for just under 29 minutes in Stage 3. Stage 2 is good for an hour and 48 minutes, and you can ride around in Stage 1 for up to five hours—again, these numbers are the best-case scenario.

Using the standard charger, the battery goes from zero to full in three-and-a-half hours. The Quick Charger shortens that to less than two-and-a-half hours. If you don’t want to wait for the battery to charge, you can buy a second battery and do a quick swap.

The list price for the 2023 Greenger G3 is $4099. You can order one now, though don’t expect to see it before June.

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